It's Not Just For Flu

You've probably already heard some of the benefits of elderberry syrup when used as a preventative for fighting the flu as well as shortening the length of the flu by several days for anyone who has gotten it.

One mom mentioned when picking up her second bottle that almost all of the children in her son’s preschool class had gotten the flu, but her little boy hadn’t and she was convinced it was from his daily dosage of elderberry syrup.

Did you know though, that elderberries are high in vitamin C and Vitamin A and quercitin? (This is a fascinating article about the benefits of quercetin an anti-hystamine and anti-inflammatory, along with having anti-viral properties?

These facts make elderberry syrup very effective also in fighting cold, respiratory, sinus, and allergy symptoms.

Another friend who suffers with seasonal allergies and had been taking elderberry syrup for several weeks hadn’t had any trouble with her allergies, but when she found herself without syrup for a few days, she noticed a huge difference in how she felt, and got relief when she started taking her syrup again. Our son, Levi, felt really bad Sunday morning when he woke up, sounding pretty croupy, which has been something he’s fought his whole life. He started taking syrup every three hours and by this morning (Tuesday) he’s feeling much better!

All that to say, taking elderberry syrup as a preventative will help you avoid feeling bad for days and missing school or work. According to the chart and link below there are even more benefits from taking a tablespoon a day.

We have EssentiALI Home Elderberry Syrup available in Faulkner’s Drug Store in Monroe or through our website and are able to ship or offer porch pick up for those living close by.


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