We are Rick and Alison Lapinsky and we have been on a journey of learning to live more simply.  We have six children ages 12-22 and aging parents that live with us.  We have seen the inward effects of what we put in to our bodies as well as the outward effects and we would like to spend the last half or more of our lives healthier than the first.  When we first considered a name for our small business we were brainstorming with some of our kids and when talking about names for the business, our 17 year old daughter tossed out the word, “ameliorate” which I had never even heard of.  She explained to us that it means, “to make better” which is exactly our heart for our business and for families, so our tag line is Family making families better.  We are thankful that you’ve allowed us into your life and family and hope that we all grow in learning about what we put into our bodies and the affects on us physically and emotionally as we heal our bodies and that our families will be made better!

How We Got Here