Great Flu Prevention


Elderberry is extremely high in Vitamin C, flavonoids, and virus fighting proteins that work together to give your immune system an extra shield against the cold and flu!

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essentiALI Elderberry Syrup

"My 1 and 3 year old spent months battling ear infections, hand foot & mouth and various viruses one after the other. We received our first batch of EssentiALI Home elderberry syrup in November, and since then, we've experienced our longest stretch of health to date. And any sniffle that's come up has gone away quickly and easily. We're converts!"

Caroline Arey

"An ounce of prevention is worth MORE than a pound of cure." It's the truth folks! We start our prevention weeks prior to back-to-school and until the end of spring allergy season or the end of school. I appreciate everything about ALI elderberry and haven't been sick in a year! It's become an essential in our home and hope it becomes one of yours too.


" It's great though! Doctors are even recommending it. As a registered medical assistant I'm all for modern medicine and believe it definitely has a place but this has data backing it up which is huge.
Me and my family would take this over Tamiflu any day.”


I have tried so many different brands of elderberry syrup and this is by far the yummiest I’ve ever had! Tart elderberries combined with the natural sweetness of honey and a wonderful blend of spices creates the perfect flavor. A tablespoon a day has kept me healthy in spite of an unusually busy, sleep-deprived week. I’m so thankful to have found an elderberry syrup that is allergy friendly and truly delicious!



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